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Carpet bleach spots are a very common problem due to household bleach or other bleaching containing chemicals being accidently spilled on carpet. These bleached areas may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet.

Most often, people will often try to patch the bleach spot area or even replace the whole carpet, which is usually quite expensive. Eco-Green Cleaning can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars by re-dying your carpet to like-new condition at a fraction of replacement cost.

Our carpet dyes are permanent, will not wash off after regular upcoming carpet cleanings. Our technicians are trained and certified by the leader of the market.  We will restore your carpet with a perfect color match, and no one will ever suspect bleach had ever been spilled.


Our staff is flexible, responsible, professional, well trained, and certified. They will ensure the maintenance of a healthy, clean, and comfortable environment for your  home/office with competence, rigor, and discretion. We encourage our clients to CONTACT US today and request your FREE ESTIMATE for all your cleaning needs.