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Eco-Green Cleaning keeps your carpet, upholstery and rug looking their best and extend their lifespan by removing embedded dirt and grime. Dirt, pet hair, and the active traffic of everyday living can affect even the most superior items.

Eco-Green Cleaning uses its certified knowledge and experience to restore all carpets, upholstery, and rug cleaning projects of all sizes. We clean carpets, upholstery, and rugs to your satisfaction to restore them to their original appearance.

We may restore carpets that have faded from chemical exposure such as bleach or other harsh chemicals, back to their original color through the skillful color restoration services of Eco-Green Cleaning. Eco-Green Cleaning has developed several specialized methods to clean carpets. We work with you to determine which is best for your home or business.


1.- Very Low Moisture (VLM) method: This method is used on lightly soiled low-level carpet and is the least aggressive method. This technique uses a small amount of moisture, and the drying time is within 30 minutes to an hour.

2.- Hot Water Extraction (HWE): We pre-spray with the appropriate cleaning solution and remove soils with portable heat extraction machine. This method is effective for light to moderate soiled level carpets.

3.- Deluxe Pre-Condition and Rinse: For moderate to heavily soiled level carpets, specialized cleaning products are applied to the carpet and are left on the carpet fiber for a set amount of time. We then rinsed carpet fibers with a heated rinse solution to thoroughly clean, rinse and leave the fibers in spotless condition.

4.- Rotary Jet Extraction: Like the Deluxe Pre-Condition and Rinse method, the rotary jet extraction is also effective for moderate to heavy soiled level carpets. The difference is, we use a powerful rotary cleaning device to target the most stubborn soils more aggressively.


1. EVALUATION: We inspect and identify the type of carpet fibers to be cleaned as well as the type of soils. Our experts decide on the safest and most effective method and product to clean your carpet.

2. SETTING: Equipment and products are set strategically inside the property and placed on a protective floor covering. Technician will have protected shoes protecting carpets while they work.

3. VACUUM: Initially, we thoroughly vacuum all targeted areas

4. PRE-TREATMENT AND SPOT REMOVAL: Areas needing extra attention, such as pet urine, traffic areas, deep soiled areas will be pre-treated and given additional agitation prior to the chosen cleaning method.

5. CLEANING: We then selected method of Carpet Cleaning Method based on carpet status/evaluation and customer’s preference.

6. SOIL PROTECTION: (Optional/Additional cost: After the final process, which is cleaning, protection solutions are applied to the carpet or rug to prevent future soils from embedding and creating unnecessary cleaning needs.

7. WRAP-UP: Remove all equipment, products, and tools from property after final cleaning stage.


  1. Our Professionals are Certified and Trained to the highest standards
  2. We provide thorough Carpet Evaluation recommending the best cleaning method
  3. We specialized in Repairing Bleach Spots on all types of carpet, rugs and upholstery
  4. We provide Color Restorations on all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  5. We provide Complete Color Change to all types of carpets and rugs. Instead of changing your whole carpet, we can restore and dye it for you helping you save money.
  6. We make sure customers are completely satisfied by Following Up the next day