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Continual sweeping and mopping are very important steps in reducing the chance of debris scratching floors and daily picking up of dirt brought in by foot traffic. After some time trying to keep your hardwood floors cleaned and looking shiny can become a very tough task. However, a professional hardwood cleaning is key to keeping dirt out of your floors.

Our Eco-Green Cleaning crew has extensive training in cleaning hardwood floors, keeping your hardwood looking shiny, clean, and looking new. Eco-Clean Systems can help restore your hardwoods back to their original state. We clean solid wood, engineered wood, laminate floors, etc.


1.EVALUATION: We inspect your hardwood floors, and our experts decide on the safest and most effective method and products that will work best for your home or business floor.

2. SETTING: Equipment and products are set strategically inside the property.

3. REMOVE DIRT/SOIL: A technician will vacuum after we remove loose soils from all targeted floors areas.

4. CLEANING: We use our rotary extractor with a specialized cleaning pad attached to cleanse the floor. Not only will we leave your hardwood floor cleaner, but we’ll remove an average of 96% of common household allergens.

5. DRY: We then dry the area with a microfiber mop and fan, so that you can walk on your floors as you please with is no chance of water damage to your floor.

6. POLISHING: Final step consists of polishing the floor to help bring back the shine.

7. WRAP-UP: Crew removes all equipment, products, and tools from property after polishing step stage.


Our staff is flexible, responsible, professional, well trained, and certified. They will ensure the maintenance of a healthy, clean, and comfortable environment for your  home/office with competence, rigor, and discretion. We encourage our clients to CONTACT US today and request your FREE ESTIMATE for all your cleaning needs.